About us

At ecce-terram.com, we open the door to a fascinating adventure that brings us closer to the beauty of our Earth while highlighting the importance of its protection. Our website is not just an information source but a portal inviting us to explore the diversity and complexity of our planet.

In the category Human, we take a look at humanity’s role in its natural environment, examining its cultural, social, and economic impacts on the environment and exploring sustainable solutions.

Under Research, we delve into the world of science, where we encounter the latest insights and discoveries from various fields that expand our understanding of Earth and its inhabitants.

Geography & Geology guides us through the breathtaking landscapes and geological formations of our planet, while Climate & Weather deepens our understanding of the complex relationships between the atmosphere and climate.

In Oceans & Marine Biology, we explore the fascinating world of the seas and discover the diversity of life they harbor.

Aviation & Space takes us into the vastness of the skies and beyond, while Others encompasses a variety of topics, all contributing to the understanding and protection of our Earth, from plants and botany to environmental conservation and sustainability.

Our goal at ecce-terram.com is to inspire, inform, and encourage our readers to advocate for the protection of our planet. Only by understanding the beauty and challenges of our Earth can we preserve it for future generations.